Wedding in Villa Podernovo – Eleonora and Tommaso

The couple says about this work:

"We were looking for a wedding photographer in tuscany who could tell our wedding in an original way, but we were also looking for something more…. we were looking for a photographer who was on our wavelength. We understood that Fabio was the perfect one for us the moment we entered his studio. Yes, because Fabio is a little bit like his studio … simple, colorful, ironic and welcoming, exactly what we wanted. Then we saw his stories and there were no more doubts. Fabio doesn't just take pictures, he tells stories. And for us it was immediately clear that he had to tell our story. During the wedding day he was wonderful in putting us at ease and very good at capturing the most exciting and funny moments with his unique touch.

Thanks Fabio, you managed to tell our wedding in a faithful, spontaneous and funny way and every time we look at your / our story we have a lot of fun!

Eleonora and Tommaso"

Church: Pieve di Ponte allo Spino, Sovicille (Siena)
Wedding venues: Villa Podernovo, Monticiano (Siena)

A special thanks to my friend Daniele Nardi for her precious help.

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