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photographer in Tuscany, Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer

I have clearly in my mind the day I fell in love with wedding photography years ago and I keep as a treasure all the momentes shared with the couples that chose me for their destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy or abroad.

Small moments hold great memories to share.

I also like to think that I put little pieces of myself in each shoot I realize and you can easily find small clues about me and my life in most of my photos: where I live, the things I get crazy on and how I am.

When you love wedding photography as I do, it is impossible not to do so and maybe couples choose me also for this authenticity.

I tell your special day through the lenses of my camera, with the priviledge point of view of those whose passion and work is to write stories with photos.

mORE About me

These awards are not just mine, they belong also to all the couples that choose me.

My photos...



Agriturismo San Galgano Abbey wedding – Danielle and Ben

same-sex wedding

Wedding at La Badia di Orvieto Umbria – Jordan and Brian


Wedding in Villa di Geggiano Tuscany – Kelsey and Kristian


Engagement photo session in Tuscany – Dawn and Nick


Wedding in Borgo Corsignano Tuscany – Gervie and Agu

same-sex wedding

Wedding in Borgo Casabianca Tuscany – Amara and Giulia