wedding at San Galgano abbey – Katie and Ian

The couple says about this work:

"We love to travel and we thought what better place to get married than in a country we had never been lucky enough to explore! I'm not quite sure how we stumbled on such a beautiful Villa Podernovo and San Galgano Abbey (Abbazia di San Galgano), and such a fantastic wedding photographer, but we didn't question our was meant to be.We are both producers in London and have a love for photography that can capture personality and emotion in a natural and unique way.
You could say among the setting, the photographer was one of the things we were most passionate about getting just perfect. As long as we had our friends, happiness, sunshine and plenty of food and drink, everything else would fall into place.

I came across a black and white picture of an excitable groom being thrown in the air by his friends and his face said a thousand things. This drew me in, down the rabbit hole of beautiful landscapes and interesting faces. Amongst all the other generic wedding photographers, Fabio's work so was refreshing and instantly, you get to know the subjects in the photographs even though you haven't met them. We made a meeting with Fabio over Skype expecting that he would be booked years ahead. We were thrilled when he said he was available. We fell in love with Fabio and his infectious enthusiasm and genuine excitement to shoot our wedding day. We booked right away! 

On the wedding day his vivacious energy and artistic- if not daring ideas of how to capture something completely unique was not un-noticed by our guests. He was definitely the entertainment as well as the most wonderful and talented photographer, who looked the part too! We are thrilled with our photos and couldn't be happier with the level of detail he has gone to when processing them. Fabio has a zest for life which definitely rubs off on everyone who meets him, and this is felt through his photography. He's definitely an artist, not just a wedding photographer. 

Thank you Fabio and your team, you are truly something special. Katie & Ian x" 

 San Galgano Abbey, Chiusdino (Siena) 

Getting ready and reception: Villa Podernovo, Monticiano (Siena) 

A special thanks to Andrea Fabbrini for his precious help

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