Manila and Pieter Harry {wedding in sardinia}

"Having you as our wedding photographer was one of the BEST decisions we made for our special day. After our first call on Skype me and PH we looked at each others and we immediately agreed that the research of the photographer was not in the do's list anymore!
Why? Because we loved your enthusiasm, you transmitted us your passion we loved your smile and and of course the stunning photos in your website made the decision a simple one. If it was the right decision...? Absolutely! All the memories from our wedding day have been captured perfectly from start to finishand the very good thing is that we almost did not realise that there was someone around us taking pictures! This means that our wish to do not feel pressured or rushed was totally accomplished! We have to say that we do believe that you have superpower because you could immediately see things around us that could turn the picture in the most original and beautiful memory.
If we have to describe you in 3 words we would definitely say: fun, brilliant and energetic.
You perfectly matched with our characters and it was a real pleasure having you around us. We would recommend you without any esithation!

Thank you so much for your time, efforts and spectacular work, thank you for the way how you captured our happiness, our laughs and our tears of emotion 🙂
We hope we will have the chance to meet you again..who knows maybe one day in the beautiful Tuscany in front of a glass of wine ;-)”

A special thanks to my friend  Daniele Nardi for his precious help

Ceremony and reception: Flamingo Hotel, Pula

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