Micol and Giacomo {winter wedding}

"Telling quickly the many emotions that such an intense and amazing day as the wedding day can give is definetly very difficult. Telling quickly what Fabio was able to tell through his photos is even harder for us. We had a simple wedding, with all the people we wanted around us, who shown us affection and friendship. We chose winter, a difficult season that gave us a beautiful day, with warm colors, softened by a magic fog. We are a couple used to weddings, we are both photographers and choosing  who would have immortalized our day was as important as simple. We chose Fabio because we knew it would leave his mark and that we could be free to be ourselves in everything: free to laugh, to joke, to cry and hug the loved ones. Each photo excite us, just like we were thrilled experiencing that very moment. Each photo is a reflection of what we are and we have experienced and thanks to his keen eye we will remember in time. Micol and Giacomo"

A special thanks to my friend  Daniele Nardi for his precious help
Ceremony: Sant'Andrea Apostolo in Poggio Berni (RN)

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