Wedding at Villa Cimbrone Ravello – Tatiana and Constantine

"Selecting a wedding photographer is one the most important tasks we faced while planning our destination wedding Italy.
The wedding would be over, the cake long eaten, life would go on, but the photos would eventually become one of the few mementos that would reignite the magic of the day every time we look at them for years to come. Even when our own memories fade, the way the photographer captured the emotions of the day, would ultimately stay with us and tell the story time and time again including our future children and those who were not there. 
When it came to making a decision, we had a lot of recommendations to go with fancy expensive and well known photographers who took zillions of wedding photos. Beautiful, well lit, presented in sophisticated albums... but standard, boring and cliché.
This was not enough for us. We searched high and low, went through dozens and dozens of portfolios, websites, friends' referrals, etc. Everyone was talented and great at their job, everyone took wonderful wedding photos. The decision was so tough... And then one day, we came across Fabio's portfolio on a website listing various Italian wedding photographers and all the doubt was gone in an instant. 
His work was beyond that of a wedding photographer, his rare and profound storytelling talent was obvious and we knew we would look no further.
Then, one day before our wedding in Ravello, we met Fabio in person. 10 minutes later he was our friend and an hour later he was like our family member. And that was the secret of his success. He didn't just take pictures of the events of our 3 day wedding, it seemed like he felt what we felt and saw what we saw. Reviewing our wedding slideshow made us smile, laugh and cry without exaggeration.
There was not one photo that was not moving or that did not elicit a strong emotional response, not a precious moment missed.
We had an amazing wedding but Fabio succeeded in capturing the story in such a way that even the people that were not there felt like they were sitting next to us at the wedding dinner, dancing the night away or speeding along the Amalfi coast with the wedding party on a boat.
We are incredibly lucky to have met him, and we are grateful beyond what words can express for the amazing and outstanding work he has done. His talent and passion are unique, but  enough said, go ahead and see for yourself.
But beware, after seeing his work, you will never look at another wedding photographer quite the same way!  T&C"

A special thanks to Andrea Fabbrini for his precious help
Location bride's getting ready: Palazzo Avino, Ravello
Ceremony and reception: Villa Cimbrone, Ravello  

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