Indian wedding in Villa Mangiacane – Katie and Ritesh

“As a filmmaker, I had high expectations of how good our photos would come out based on Fabio’s past work. But once we saw our final wedding photos I was beyond blown away. Fabio brought a flare and a unique perspective that encapsulated the essence of joy and love of our fusion Indian – Catholic wedding through his images. Looking back at the photos not only gave us the ability to relive our wedding, but he caught little moments from the festivities that in the moment, my wife and I were too busy to enjoy and appreciate but now get to experience.  Even more than his sheer talent, was the spontaneity and creativity he injected into the wedding itself. He doesn’t just use his lens to capture a wedding. He uses his creativity and passion for life to find the couple’s essence and freezes those little moments in time through his lens.  Fabio your talent is one-in-a-million, and your love for what you do is unmatched. You may have been invited to attend as our wedding photographer, but your spirit made you a member of our wedding party. We are forever grateful what you gave to us, and we really hope we get to cross paths again!!  With the utmost appreciation,  Ritesh & Katie”

Location: Villa Mangiacane, San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Florence)

A special thanks to my friend and colleague Rino Cordella, it’s a great pleasure to work with you!


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