Wedding in Villa Cini tuscany – Nicola and Joseph

“Fabio and Team, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for perfectly capturing the magic of our love story and the day our forever began. You truly are an artist. These photos are more than memories. They are pieces of art that we plan to display for years to come. Your professionalism and willingness to try anything to capture the perfect moment didn’t go unnoticed. We have had many of our friends and family that were unable to make it to the wedding say that they feel like they were there just by looking at the photos. That to me says it all. You are a fantastic storyteller and a master at your craft. Thank you for sharing your lens and talent with us.

We are forever grateful.

Love, Joe and Nicky

P.s. Keep kicking ass! You rock! “

Location: Villa Cini, Bucine (Arezzo)

A special thanks to Virginia Righeschi for her precious help


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