Best wedding photographer in the world 2019 – ISPWP

It seems incredible that just in a few weeks I received two very important awards, the last one, just a few days ago while I was on holiday with my family (yes, travelling brings me definitely luck!).

I had just woken up when I started receiving congratulations messages and then I saw the email from Joe Milton where he told me that I was awarded as the ISPWP photographer of the year 2019.

I started saying outloud that I couldn't believe that and my wife, that was feeding our son Leonardo in another room, run immediately to me and when I told her about the award we both were so happy that Leonardo started clapping his little hands as he knew how important this prize was for me. It was an unforgettable moment.

When I started being a wedding photographer in Tuscany I used to look with admiration to the ISPWP collegues and being part of this association always meant a lot to me: it was really an important day when some years ago I was accepted as a member.

In the past years I got a lot of awards as photographer of the quarter that led me always so close to the podium, but never on the first rank.

This time things changed and I'm so honoured to be ISPWP photographer of the year 2019, it is like a dream that comes true.

This is the first post of the new year, the last one ended in a wonderful way and I'll take all this great results as an encouragement to do even better in the future, not just for me, but for all the amazing couples that choose and trust me to shoot their weddings, without whom I surely couldn't be awarded.

These great results come also thanks to all of those who worked with me in the last years, they are precious colleagues, but above all friends.

This post couldn't end without a special thanks to my wife Silvia. We begun an incredible adventure together 14 years ago and she constantly supports me in all of my projects even the weirdest they might seem!

Below you can find all the awarded photos. Enjoy!


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