I'm still trying to figure out what to write on this post because being part of Fearless Photographers association means so much to me and winning the Fearless photographer of the year is so incredible that I still don't belive it.

I wanted this title so much, I went close to get it a few times in important or peculiar years of my life, in 2018 when my son Leonardo was born and in 2020 it was a light to start again and do even better.

That's what Fearless means to me, litterally. No fear of experiment, no fear of express myself through my photos, no fear of making different choices.

I started scrolling through the Fearless website while I was waiting the official statement and looking to my photos there, those that won in the past years, I could see all my career so far, how my shoots changed while I was finding my own style.

And all of this couldn't have been possible without so many people that supported me during all these years, family, friends, collegues... I don't know even where to start so I beg your pardon if in the next words I'll miss someone, but truly, everyone that I met in my path to get this award helped me to reach it. Thanks Daniele Nardi, Jonathan Manganelli, Alessandro Panichi, Fortunato Caracciolo, Andrea Fabbrini, Nataly Montanari, Virginia Righeschi, Victor Lax, Rocio Vega, Franck Boutonnet, Cafa Liu, Matteo Carta, Rino Cordella, Tünde Koncsol, Susanna Barbera, Andrea Corsi, Pasquale Minniti, Giuseppe Genovese, Vincenzo Scardina.

So unlike other times I would like to start with thanking all the couples that chose me, with some of you we became friends, with others we created an instant connection on your day that led to amazing photos and you can see how important you are to me, as it is thanks to you that I could win this award.

I got a lot of messages from collegues today, wedding photographers are an amazing community to share wins and above all we are great friends, starting with the two men I share the podium with: dinner on me next time we see.

There is also to thank a little man that today waited for me at home with a big draw in his little hands and paper garlands in the kitchen that he made with his mum. Leonardo and Silvia are my safe arbor in the storm always ready to make my day...and Silvia, well, you know.

here the 16 winning photos of 2021:

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