Nataly and Jacopo {wedding in lebanon}

"When it came to choosing a photographer, we wanted our wedding pictures to capture all the special moments of our celebrations in both a truthful and artistic way. But most importantly, we had quite a unique setup: To tie the knot, we wanted a Mediterranean getaway. We wanted our wedding photographer to embark on this journey with us, and capture these moments in the most spontaneous of ways! Nataly is from Lebanon and Jacopo is from Italy, and we met eight years ago in Texas, far away from our homes. Ever since, we have been “home away from home” to each other, as we traveled far and wide, and moved more time that we care to remember, building memorable adventures together! Fabio’s portfolio immediately stood out among all others. The photos he takes are filled with emotions, both heartwarming and funny, captured by his lens in the spur of the moment. We still recall our Skype call with Fabio: we clicked immediately from our very first interaction, it felt like it would be really awesome to have him with us and that Fabio will blend in perfectly with our friends taking truly part of our celebrations. Fabio and Andrea completely exceeded our expectations!!!!! They captured moments and emotions that we can recall and even many that we missed in the midst of the wedding craze!! They were an integral part of the celebration and we still laugh every time we think of Fabio lying on the ground capturing some good shots perspective! The day after the wedding, we had a photo session in which we drove across Mount Lebanon, passing by Byblos, and ending an amazing day in the intriguing city of Beirut!!! That session was a lot of fun: we joked, hiked, zip lined (aha yes, you read that right!), and took on the challenge of walking in the shallow water, slipping on wet rocks to capture a perfect sunset in the Byblos sea! At the end of the day, we had a few beers in Beirut before saying and emotional goodbye to Andrea and looking forward to seeing Fabio again in Italy for another celebration! Everyone LOVED the friendly and professional attitude of Fabio and we are so happy that he joined us on our special celebratory journey!!!! Nataly & Jacopo" A special thanks to Andrea Fabbrini for his precious help

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