Wedding in San Galgano Abbey – Francesca and Nicola

The couple says about this work:

"Then we get married"
"Where do we start?"
"I don't know ... but we already have the photographer! "
It went more or less this way...
We've been knowing Fabio since he began to take his first steps in the world of wedding photography. To be honest, the three of us met in the same period and grew up together. We said that if one day we will get married in tuscany, surely with us there would be Fabio, to capture those moments so special.
Of course, we waited a while, but finally after 10 years it happened: "So Fabio we are getting married in San Galgano Abbey. Save the date, because the time for the promise we made during the university is come.
It was a party worthy of the name and certainly emotions like these, so deep and intense, it is hard to tell in words. But there was not need, Fabio with its great capacity has been able to give voice to every single feeling. We had never seen him at work and having it close to us was a real privilege.
This is what happens to choose a passionate professional and a dear friend as a wedding photographer...
Thanks for everything, it was beautiful!
A special thanks to my friend and colleague Daniele Nardi for his precious help

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