Wedding in Meleto Castle – Irene and Daniele

The couple says about this work:

"The day in which you say "yes" to eternal love is full of all the most amazing emotions that a man and a woman can experience in their lives. You feel them at the same time, in moments that fly away so quickly... We spend months idealizing that one day which will remain indelible in our heart forever. We and Fabio understood each other immediately, there was not even need for so many words. His photographs put on paper every little facet of those emotions that will remain there over time, to relive our love all the times we will look at them. Thanks Fabio for being so attentive and complicit in our happiness on that magical day!
Thank you for capturing our souls and making them eternal."

Location: Castello di Meleto, (Siena)

A special thanks to my friend and colleague Andrea Cittadini for his precious help. It’s a great pleasure to work with you!

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