Elopement session in Tuscany – a new wedding trend

Let's say that the particular period we are facing made change plans to a lot of couples who opted for a small, intimate kind of wedding, as an elopement can be, instead of the big event.

Yes, elopement is the new destination wedding and who said that a small event cannot be as amazing and as unforgettable as the big one?

Personally I love intimate elopement, I had the chance to shoot a few of them in the past years and let me say that the energy you get from the couple is something incredible: being alone with your loved one, or with just a few guests, give you all the freedom to be yourself and above all to not bother about anything except to have fun and enjoy your special day.

Me and my wife went for the big event, even if I should say, probably our wedding was the smallest big wedding possible in italian sizes, but as soon as it will be possible to start travelling for fun again, we will elop, just the three of us (yes, meanwhile we became three!) in one of our favourite place in the world to renew our vows, do not ask where... it is a secret up to now!

So either if you are getting married or if you would like to renew your vows, elopement has so many perks that is definetely the kind of ceremony you should consider.

There is no where or when for an elopement, you can decide to get married wherever you want and also decide to change plans suddently waiting for the best weather possible.

It is a very intimate way to celebrate the love, there is no pressure, no rush, you can have a very laid back day, with only your loved one, like having a wedding and honeymoon together, so while you try to make up your mind, think of how amazing an elopement in Siena could be, just the two of you holding your hands in the old town or having fun and get married in the tuscan countryside and why not celebrate with a glass of red wine and amazing food in Pienza or San Gimignano as your wedding reception venues?

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I had the pleasure to shoot amazing small weddings, but there are a few of them that I will always remember thanks to the special couples that I met.

One of my first elopements was a secret one. The couple told their families that they were coming to Tuscany on holiday and just a few minutes before the wedding ceremony in Cortona they phoned home and told everyone, it was a very intense and touching moment.

A polish couple decided to get married in Arezzo. On their day I felt more as a guest instead of a photographer, there is a particular feeling you share in these moments, happiness that cannot be contained and that overflows everywhere. We keep in touch, we are still friends.

Probably is the strong connection that you get with a couple that makes me love elopements so much. And most of the times this connection leads to trust me for the photo service in everything.

There is no denying that most of the times an elopement gives me more freedom in doing my work, as regarding schedule, places or shoots.

So, if you might feel this connection too and you are planning your elopement, why don't you tell me your story? I would like to hear how you are planning your dream wedding, because, let's say, there is always a special dream behind these moments.

And as I love shooting dreams that come true, once in a year the best story will be given a free 3 hours photo session with me. Contact me here!

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