Maddalena and Julian {wedding in siena countryside}

The bride and groom say about our work:

Our wedding day was full of unexpected surprises, but having Fabio with us really removed some of the stress. He told us to relax and enjoy the special day, and we did just that, knowing that he would be there in the background capturing the spontaneous smiles and fleeting moments. He and Fortunato were wonderfully easy-going and very professional. Perhaps our favourite moment was Fabio enthusiastically telling us, as dusk approached, of an opportunity to take photos in the most beautiful light of the day. We will always remember watching Fabio rush around the vineyard and even run into a low-hanging branch in pursuit of the perfect shot! His dedication and passion for photography was so evident.
We are so happy to have received our pictures. They are beautiful mementos of a dream-like day.
They capture the nerves, the laughter and the love that defined our wedding day. We look at them now and remember all the emotions we experienced that day and the beauty of the setting. In particular, we are amazed by how Fabio captured the gorgeous Tuscan sunlight! Thank you, Fabio, for being an amazing support and the ultimate photographer for our dream wedding under the Tuscan sun!!!

Maddalena and Julian”

Location: Meleto Castle – Gaiole in Chianti (SI)
Church: Pieve di Spaltenna – Gaiole in Chianti (SI)

special thanks to Fortunato Caracciolo for his precious help

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