Megan and Marco {wedding in villa canton}

The bride and groom say about this work:

Booking Fabio as our photographer was probably the best decision we’ve made in our lives, besides getting married. Looking at our pictures took us right back to our wedding day. We laughed, cried, and delighted in the moments that he captured; moments that you’d miss otherwise. Besides his obvious talent, Fabio was fun, energetic and constantly looking for the perfect shot without ever being in the way. We remember him jumping up and down from the ground with such agility. Fabio’s professionalism and spirit made us instantly feel comfortable, which gave us photos that don’t look strained or posed. In fact, he told us to just be ourselves and don’t even look at the camera; the result is better than we had ever hoped for. The energy that he brought to that day made it so much fun, and he felt like a friend we’ve known forever, not someone we’d just met. Thanks to Fabio for giving us photos and memories to last a lifetime. They are truly worth more than a thousand words.

A very special thanks to Fortunato as well. His pictures caught so many details and without two photographers it wouldn’t have been the same.

Marco and Megan

A special thanks to Fortunato Caracciolo for his precious help

Wedding planner: Princess Wedding

Location: Villa Canton (BG)

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