indian wedding in Meleto Castle Tuscany – Jenny and Rohit

I’m always fascinated on how different weddings can be all over the world. I love indian weddings, they are so full of life, always dancing and laughing!

An amazing Swendian (Swedish + Indian) wedding took place in Meleto Castle. Jenny and Rohit decided to have their destination wedding in Tuscany: it was such a colorful and emotional ceremony in the beautiful frame of the tuscan countryside.

A special thanks to Nataly Montanari for her precious help

Location: Castello di Meleto, Gaiole in Chianti (Siena)

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  • Fotograf Konrad Hudaś

    on June 11, 2017  14:50

    Beautiful colors in these photos. Interesting wedding a large variety of emotions.

    • Fabio

      on June 25, 2017  10:50

      Thanks man!

  • Fotograf nunta Luchian

    on July 19, 2017  11:18

    Fabio, your photos are a true inspiration! It was a pleasure to meet you in person at Weddcamp and hope to see you again :)

    • Fabio

      on August 8, 2017  12:25

      Thanks my friend... I hope to see you soon again!

  • Adam Johnson

    on August 23, 2017  17:59

    I just shot Rohit's sister's wedding and Jenny showed me your photos of their wedding. Insanely good work, I'll be following your work from now on!

    • Fabio

      on October 4, 2017  19:53

      Thanks Adam, I hope to meet you in person!

  • Joey Lamb

    on September 2, 2017  16:42

    This looked so much fun! you truly are talented!

    • Fabio

      on October 4, 2017  19:52

      Thanks a lot Joey!

  • Fotograf Nunta

    on September 28, 2017  15:45

    Such an emotion in your photographs!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Shmuel Diamond

    on November 13, 2017  12:39

    Awesome, fresh and insanely skillful!!!
    You d'man!

    • Fabio

      on November 19, 2017  16:21

      Thanks a lot my friend!

  • Fillip

    on November 23, 2017  18:37

    I would like to share with you my favorite blog with a lot of free tips and materials for photographers - I hope you will also share your findings!

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