Fearless photographer of the year 2018 – 2° place

After no more then a month from my last post about awards, I’m here again, this time with an even better news. I’m the second 2018 best photographer in the World for Fearless Photographers with 12 awards won during last year!
A good friend and collegue, congratulating with me said that the pictures that won really reflects who I am.
This is definetely what I aim to with my photography and I’m so proud that these photos led me to this amazing ranking!
Moreover, being on the podium with a great friend and colleague like Victor Lax (you rock!) is an honour for me.

Congratulations to all the other collegues awarded …and now we get ready for 2019!
Below you will find the photos awarded in the 2018 contests:

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    • Fabio

      on March 2, 2019  11:58

      Thanks a lot Jacek!

  • Nathan M

    on February 25, 2019  12:47

    Such beautiful wedding pictures, thank so much for sharing. it's very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!.

    • Fabio

      on March 2, 2019  11:58

      Thanks a lot Nathan! It's a pleasure for me! :)

  • Łukasz Wąsik

    on December 7, 2019  12:35

    Lovely Style! Great pictures! BR - from Poland :)

    • Fabio

      on December 11, 2019  14:18

      Thanks a lot my friend!I love poland!

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