Engagement photo session in Tuscany

There is something that every couple should take in consideration as a cherry on the top of their never ending love story and that something is definitely an engagement photo session in Tuscany.
Here, where the sun kisses the hills every sunset, there are so many places to start celebrating the route to your wedding in Italy.
Unlike a couple session during the wedding day, an engagement photo session allows you to enjoy every moment with peace of mind and calm. For me, these are really special sessions where I have the freedom to try something new and different.

How about a photo session in Florence, with its narrow streets where the light plays with the shadows, so full of art and places dreamt all over the world.

Or if you prefer something more laid back, an engagement photo service in Siena is the perfect choice.
The town is so close to its incredible countryside that you do not have to choose between the town or the wide and green open spaces that surround it, you can have both! So, starting from the city center, with some shoots in Piazza del Campo, we can head out of Siena for some romantic shoots at the sunset.

So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I’ll be glad to help you pick the perfect spot for you to start collecting everlasting memories with your loved one.

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