Photographer of the year 2017 – Italy

ANFM was the first association which I joined, thanks to it I met people who, before being colleagues, became friends and I cannot do without them today. Since the beginning I always looked with admiration at those who were part of this group and it was here that I approached the contests for the first time. Winning the award as Photographer of the Year 2017 has always been one of the goals I always aimed at, the right incentive to grow and improve myself. I’m really honored to have succeeded. And like all beautiful and important things in life, you cannot get them all alone and even in this case I have to say a lot of thank you! The first goes undoubtedly to my wife Silvia who always supports me in everything I do… A big thank you goes to the couples who choose me and trust me. If I did not have people like Daniele Nardi, Fortunato Caracciolo, Andrea Fabbrini, Nataly Montanari, Simone Miglietta, Arianna Boriello, Alessia Franco, David Bastianoni, Andrea Corsi, Daniele Vertelli, Maria Zavaglia, Alessandro Panichi, Virginia Righeschi, Jonathan Manganelli, Marco Miglianti (and the list would be much much longer …) almost certainly I wouldn’t have achieved this result … Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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