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wedding-photographer-in-italy-vespaHere I am, Fabio Mirulla, born in 1986 in Tuscany, in a small village near Florence, Arezzo and Siena where I still live now with my wife in our house in the countryside.
We met in Siena while I was studying at University and even if it might sound weird for a photographer, I got a degree in Archaeology.

I love art, every kind of it, from the use of light in XVII century paintings to the way modern artists see the world through their art works.

I love travelling, especially with my old Mini and my Vespa and discovering new amazing places around me, those spots that are not in road maps and are unkown for most of the people.

I enjoy reading Superheroes comics and watching cartoons, you’re never to old for them, nor for collecting Lego as I do.

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{my photography}

Since I was young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me, so loved all over the world, so when in 2005 I started working as a wedding photographer in tuscany, I‘ve tried to realize services in which the beauty of the places would exalt and make unique, thanks to the play of lights, your special day.

My photography will look as through the keyhole, it will never be invasive or blatant, will capture moments and emotions, always on tiptoe, with the privileged point of view of those who share your happiness, but with years of experience in photographic services on his shoulders.

So you will see the tense expression of the groom waiting for the bride to come, the tears of happiness of a friend who reads his speech tried for days, the first dance barefoot on the grass, a stolen photo of a kiss on the forehead at the sunset… moments that will remain indelibly fixed in the photographs and in your memories.



wedding-photographer-tuscany-legoI love what I do, I always have fun shooting pictures and I hope I’m capable of transmit it through my shots. I guess curiosity (but not being nosy!) leads me to looking for new points of view, that’s may be why I really love meeting people from all over the world and sharing their stories even just for one day.

Saying that it is a job doesn’t represent what in fact it is, it is more that that, I like thinking of me as a modern story teller, writing in every single picture a little tale, made of simple moments, those spontaneous and real ones that will never fade away nor get old, those that you’ll always look at, remembering feelings and emotions of your perfect day.


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