Q: We saw your picture on this site, your blog, on your facebook, on your twitter, etc… How long before we have to get in touch with you to book you?
A: In general, most of the requests arrive between 8 and 6 months before the wedding, so if you like my style and my way to work, I suggest you to contact me before 8 months for a meeting (no obligation) otherwise you may risk to have your date already occupied. This is especially true for the summer months (May to September) and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In any case, even if it is almost time for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact me, I might have that day available.

Q: Where are you based?
A: I’m based in Tuscany, in a beautiful valley near Florence, Siena and Arezzo.

Q: Do you work only in Tuscany or are you available also for services out of it?
A: I’m available to shoot services also out of Tuscany, I usually shoot in every part of Italy and when there is the chance I also shoot all over the world. I love travelling and shooting in new places. I shooted a wedding in Hong Kong, New York, Crete, Charleston, Romania, etc.

Q: Do you provide also other kind of photo services apart from wedding photo sevices?
A: I also provide engagement and honeymoon photo services. However for other kind of services please contact me, we will discuss it together.

Q: How can we contact you or book you for our wedding?
A: In the section “Contact me!” Of this site you will find all the references to find me, in any case, just send me an email to info@fabiomirulla.com and I will answer as soon as possible. If possible, it is better to take an appointment at my studio in order to talk in person, perhaps with a good cup of coffee…

Q: What style of photography do you prefer?
A: I prefer photographic reportage. The photographer (in my opinion) has to tell the wedding day observing it as an external spectator, curious and almost never intrusive, trying “to steal” the moments and feelings, blocking them in images. Only in this way, every time you will look at your photos, you will be able to relive the emotions of that day. As you probably have seen in the gallery, I like sometimes to shoot some particular posed pictures that however will never require a lot of time.

Q: In addition to the photo service we would like to make the video. Do you offer this service?
A: I do not provide the video service but I can suggest you some of very good videographers with whom I usually work. Even the video will be realized with the same reportage style.

Q: We choose you for the photo service, but for the video we have another person, is it a problem for you?
A: No, there are absolutely no problems but I’d like to put me in contact with the operator you chooseto clarify a few things. In my way of working is inconceivable, for example the use of lamps or spotlights that alter the natural light, causing loss of appeal to particular environment, like that of an old church or a Romanesque church. Moreover, many “professionals” operators are very invasive in some cases, preventing the course of my service.

Q: Will you work on your own at our wedding?
A: The reportage style is based on “seize the moment” trying to tell the day as fully as possible: that’s why I always prefer to work with a trusted second photographer so to provide a service with attention to every detail.

Q: We like the reportage style, but we’d love to have also the traditional group photo with our family and friends.
A: The group photo is always carried out at a wedding, of course it would make little sense to publish them on my site or blog, but there are absolutely no problems in realizing them.

Q: Once that the photo service is realized, what are the solutions for my photos?
A: There are several and personalized solutions according to your needs. From a simple USB key or digital transfer with shots of the service (plus a selection of photos processed and optimized) to the creation of albums with photos printed (with multiple proposals and personalized solutions).

Q: How much is your photo service?
A: To give a precise answer to this question is a bit difficult because there are many variables to consider such as hours of service, transfert costs (within 100 km from my location the transfert costs are included) etc. As soon as you’ll contact me I’ll provide you my pricing list and we can decide toghether which kind of service fits your expectations better.

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